Chinese Herbs For Polycystic Kidney Disease With High Creatinine 4.7

Your mother’s creatinine level 4.7 reflects her cysts’ growth has caused her kidney filtration function’s decline. Now her kidney damage degree is in stage 4 of chronic kidney disease. The high blood pressure, poor appetite, weight loss, tiedness are typical symptoms among patients with this stage. Do not worry, this stage is still in the reversible stage.

Now your mother needs a systemic treatment:

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to control her cysts’ growth

2. oral Chinese herbal medicine, medicated bath, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion to repair her damaged glomerular cells and improve her kidney function.

3. Maikangheji plus sanqifen to improve her immunity balance.

Chinese Herb Bath Therapy is one characteristic therapy of Chinese external therapies. From the viewpoint of concept of wholism and syndrome differentiation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, proper Chinese herbal medicine has been selected and made into Chinese medicine bath liquid. It is used to whole body bath, half body bath or partial immersion baths, such as sitz bath, lavipeditum, face bath, eye bath etc. so as to prevent and cure disease.

The Therapeutical Effect of Chinese Herb Bath

1. Promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels which promotes blood circulation.

2. Inducing diaphoresis to improve the discharging metabolism wastes

3. The medicine arrives at the lesions directly through main and collateral channels so as to regulate functions of organs.

4. Support healthy tendency, strengthen immunity and remove fatigue.

5. Calm the nerves and improve the quality of sleep.

Clinical Application Scope of Chinese Herb Bath.

1. Nephritic edema.

2. Chronic Kidney Failure (azotemia)

3. Skin itch, chronic skin disease.

4. Joint and muscle pain caused by rheumatic and immune diseases.

5. Kidney disease with external contraction.

6. Diabetes with peripheral neuropathy ( limbs numbness and pain).

7. Recovery health-care: alleviating fatigue and improving sleep.

8. Lower lipid and lose weight.


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