Daily Life For Polycystic Kidney Disease

daily life for pkdAbout PKD diet, here are some advices in daily life. You should follow the diet, and it will do you some help.

You have less food at one time but more times in one day to keep energetic and nutritious.

1. PKD patients should have more water (4000ml) and the urine output should be maintained at about 2000-2500ml.

2. Polluted foods which can cause gastrointestinal diseases or even poisoning symptoms should be forbidden.

3. PKD patients should have a diet with low salt, low fat and low protein. They should avoid beef and mutton, animal innards as well as spicy and excitant foods. Uncooked and cold foods which may injure spleen and stomach should be limited in a certain amount which should depend on patients’ specific illness and physical conditions.

4. More fruit and vegetables with rich vitamins are suggested especially those that have the functions of dissolving stones and diuresis. Alkaline foods should also be eaten more.

5. PKD patients should avoid alcohol, tobacco, strong tea and foods and drinks containing caffeine.

Diet control is helpful in controlling cysts. But diet can’t treat the cysts. You should pay more attention to the treatment on shrinking the cysts, the damaged kidenys and recover the damaged kidney function. That’s the right treatment and really can help you with your disease.


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