Treatment Opinion For Polycystic Kidney Disease

I have read your mother’s report. You said there is no proper treatment in your country? How could it possible? Don’t worry. PKD is common in our hospital. I can help you.

Her disease is PKD. Sorry to tell you that PKD is a hereditary disease. Is there others in your family have this disease?

How much do you know about PKD? It’s a long explaination about the process and treatment about PKD. Hope you can read it carefully.

As for the process of this illness, it roots in autosomal dominant inheritance. the autosomal dominant inheritance will change renal tubular epithelial cells to cyst wall skin cells. these cyst cells will secrete cyst fluid, which accelates the cysts growth. when the cysts big enough, the kidney’s structure will be damaged, and glomerulus’s barrier function and renal tubule’s concentrating, reabsorption and regulation function will be damaged. Then the kidney will fail.

About the treatment for PKD, we have many therapies, such as TCM, micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy and Immunotherapy. I will emplain them for you in detail.

1. Traditional Chinese Medicines(TCM)

As we know the continuous deterioration of renal function is caused by the progressive enlargement and increase of the cysts, therefore the key point is to slow down their growth rate and try to shrink them to smaller size. In this regard, Tradition Chinese Medicines have particularly good effects on shrinking these multiple cysts and at the same time regulating disorders and repairing kidney damages. Though it take relatively longer time to take effect compared with western therapies, its curative effects can last for a long time since it deal with the disease from the root. And what is more it has far fewer side effects and injuries to the body. Even though, many patients are reluctant to take TCM due to its bitterness, inconvenience and slow effects.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a creation and innovation based on TCM. It can slow down the growth rate of the cysts and shrink the cysts.

Its mechanism in shrinking cysts;

1. Expand blood vessels around the cysts, speed up blood circulation and increase the permeability of the cyst wall. This will lower the intravascular pressure and cause cystic fluids to be re-absorbed to the blood vessels and be taken away with blood circulation.

2. The active ingredients in Micro-Chinese Medicines can deactivate the epithelial cells and inhibit the continuous secretion of cystic fluid so as to prevent further swelling of the cysts and blood vessels in the cyst wall. At the same time these medicines can provide necessary nutrition for repairing renal damaged cells and tissues.

Its curative effects:

① Reduce the secretion of cystic fluids and alleviate oppression to glomeruli, renal tubules and blood vessels, speed up blood circulation and improve hypoxia and ischemia.

② Active ingredients in the medicines can block the deterioration chain of renal fibrosis and protect the remaining functional renal intrinsic cells from further damages.

③ Micro-Chinese Medicines can provide materials for repairing damaged renal cells such as various vitamins, trace elements, organic acid, amino acid. The DNA in the damaged cells will also be activated and this can speed up the repairing and recovery of kidney functions.

3. Immunotherapy

As to the causes of PKD, there is a new theory called two-hit which holds that only heredity of mutated polycystic gene (reproductive mutation) can not cause PKD. Only when the allele gene has mutation (somatic mutation) can PKD occur. That is why some patients can go through their entire life without PKD affecting their daily life even they have inherited the polycystic gene while some patients have symptoms and discomforts quite early.

The somatic mutation is induced by acquired factors after birth such as infections, poisoning, etc. Therefore PKD can be prevented if we can prevent the second hit, that is the somatic mutation. The key point is to build up physical strength, enhance immunity and at the same time stay away from risk factors.

Immunotherapy combines the advantages of Chinese therapy and western therapy and it can treat both the primary and secondary aspects of PKD at the same time. It can not only alleviate the symptoms but also regulate the disorders of the immune system and improve immunity so that patients can be strong enough to resist virous viruses and bacteria. This can help lower the incidence of second hit and recurrent rate.



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