How Much Water to Drink for Polycytic Kidney Disease(PKD)

How much water to drink for people with PKD?

How much water to drink for people with PKD?

Water is one of our most important nutrients. Do you know that the human body is mostly water roughly 12 gallons? That’s approximately 50 to 75% of the body’s weight. We get rid of or lose water the whole day through various circumstances. When people are diagnosed as Polycytic Kidney Disease(PKD), they are rather concerned whether they should restrict their intake of water because the kidneys are important in discharging water in the form of urine. The following may make it clear for you.

How much water to drink for people with PKD?

Clinically, how much water to drink depends on the stage of PKD and the specific disease condition. Very early in the course of the disease, PKD patients lose the ability to concentrate their urine which makes them unable to reabsorb water as well as other individuals, so they will need to be supplemented adequate daily fluid intake—if ADPKD patients do not have access to liquids, particularly during heavy exercise of extreme heat, significant dehydration can occur. Signs of dehydration include dry lips and tongue, rapid heart rate, sunk eyes, muscle spasms, smaller volume of urine, etc.

The amount of fluid allowed in the diet of someone receiving dialysis depends on the amount of urine made and the type and frequency of dialysis employed. If one no longer urinates, then fluid intake is usually limited to one liter each day. The amount of fluid intake that is safe should be discussed with your nephrologist and your dialysis dietitian.

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