PKD and Kidney Failure

Metabolic acidosisKidney failure occurs when you are left with less than 10-15% of total kidney function. When the kidneys fail, dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant is needed. Not everyone with PKD will go on to develop kidney failure. On average, half of the people with the Type 1 variant of ADPKD will require treatment for kidney failure by age 60. However, people affected with the Type 2 variant have a lower risk for developing kidney failure. Children born with ARPKD usually develop kidney failure within a few years.

There are treatments available that help to delay progression of ADPKD.

Pharmacologic therapy is necessary to accomplish the following:

Control blood pressure

Control abnormalities related to renal failure

Treat urinary tract infections

Treat hematuria

Reduce abdominal pain produced by enlarged kidneys

Metabolic problems related to renal failure that need to be controlled include the following:





Metabolic acidosis

Recent research has led to the development of Chinese herbal medicine that may shrink cysts and prevent cysts from developing.


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