How to Tell if I Have Cyst Infection in PKD

How to Tell if I Have Cyst Infection in PKD

How to Tell if I Have Cyst Infection in PKD

Cyst infection is a common symptom in PKD. However, the clinical determination of an infected cyst may be pretty difficult. Kidney infection is typically featured with high fever( usually >38°C ), abdominal pain and sometimes blood in urine. It is difficult to distinguish these symptoms from those caused by pyelonephritis, infected kidney stones, cyst hemorrhage or perihepatic abscess. So you are recommended to go to hospital and do further tests to see if you have cyst infection.

Conventionally, imaging tests may not be definitive in isolating the location of infection or even in differentiating cyst infection from cyst hemorrhage or pyelonephritis.You can rely more on blood cultures or cyst fluid aspiration to get a more accurate diagnosis. The accurate diagnosis of cyst infection is very important, because it can influence the initiation of antibiotics and determine the duration of antibiotic therapy.

If you are diagnosed with cyst infection, you should not delay its treatment. If left untreated, it may infect kidneys,abdominal cavity, or even blood, resulting in kidney infection, peritonitis and even sepsis. So it is a wise choice for you to seek for further inspection immediately.


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