Diet Plan For Renal Cyst

Diet Plan For Renal Cyst

Diet Plan For Renal Cyst

Besides proper treatment, appropriate diet is also very important for Renal Cyst patients.

First, the patients can’t have partiality for a particular kind of food.

They should eat whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat of cattle, sheep and pig, eggs, milk, fish and shrimp. From point of views of Chinese medicine, whole grains all have medicinal properties. So in daily diet, the patients should eat whole grains so that the Renal Cyst can recover quickly.

Second, the patients should control high quality protein intake and pay attention to supplement of high-fiber, high cellulose, low-fat and proper sugar. In particular, they should eat less animal protein intake, because the animal protein can cause high blood pressure easily.

Third, the patients must combine exertion and rest.

The patient should have a good rest and avoid strenuous physical activity and abdominal trauma. When the cysts are large and obvious, the patient shouldn’t wear the belt so as to avoid cyst rupture. The patients should have a regular review per half year and it’s better for their relatives to have B-ultrasound too.

Fourth, Kidney Cysts patients should control salt intake. The amount of salt intake depends on the patient’s disease condition. And not all the patients with Chronic Renal Insufficiency must limit salt strictly.

Fifth, Kidney Cyst patients should control water intake.

For the patients with mild Renal Failure, due to declined renal concentration function, it will need more water for metabolic wastes to be excreted from the body. So under this condition, if there isn’t obvious edema, heart failure or high blood pressure, they should not restrict water intake blindly.

Sixth, Kidney Cyst patients should eat less greasy, stimulating or spicy food, such as, chili, wine, shrimp, crab, rotten foods, leftovers and barbecue. The patients with Renal Insufficiency or Uremia shouldn’t eat beans and beans products and meanwhile limit animal protein and greasy foods.


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