Natural Treatment For Kidney Disease

Natural Treatment For kidney disease

Natural Treatment For kidney disease

Do you know Chinese herbal medicine? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is produced based on Chinese herbal medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine is not tablet or capsule, it is an external application therapy. the definition of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Chinese herbal medicines are micronized by strong ultrasonic cultivation method, so it’s very tiny, and it can permeate into patients’ body with the help of osmosis device, and those Chinese herbal medicines are selected by kidney experts, so they have high effect in treating kidney disease. This kind of therapy is safe, and won’t cause any side effects, some patients describe it as massage. This method not only put more medicines into renal lesion, but also enhance the use ration of medicines, avoid the gastroenteritis which is caused by oral taking medicines and also avoid medicines loss, as we know if medicines are taken by oral, medicines need to go through all digestive systems. After entering into patients’ body, through dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, and preventing blood viscosity, the internal environment of the kidneys will be improved much, so the kidneys will be protected in such environment, and some of the kidney cells who are being damaged will self-heal.

Stem Cell Transplant is the latest therapy to treat Kidney Disease. Stem Cell Transplant has several kinds, such as umbilical blood cord Stem Cell Transplant and Embryonic Stem Cell Transplant. Due to religion faith, Stem Cell Transplant is forbidden in most countries, but now in more and more countries, Stem Cell Transplant is allowed to be researched. In our hospital, we use Umbilical blood Cord Stem Cell Transplant. The stem cells are collected from the umbilical cord blood of new babies, babies won’t be hurt.

In our hospital, Stem Cell Transplant refers to intravenously transfuse stem cells into patients’ body from the arm, it’s not surgery, and it won’t cause any side effects and won’t cause any rejection response. After entering into patients’ body, under the homing function, stem cells will differentiate into new renal cells to replace those necrotic ones, so kidneys will be better than before and renal function will be improved. While don’t be afraid, in our hospital, stem cells are injected into patients’ body through intravenous injection from the arm.

How do you think of such treatments? If you are interested, I can send more information to you.


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