Natural Treatment For Stage 4 Polycystic Kidney Disease With Kidney Function 25%

Natural Treatment For Stage 4 Polycystic Kidney Disease With Kidney Function 25%

Natural Treatment For Stage 4 Polycystic Kidney Disease With Kidney Function 25%

Your kidney dysfunction is caused by your Polycystic Kidney Disease, just as you told me, your normal kidney function is about 25%, at stage 4 of CKD. We suggest you should come here for treatments as soon as possible. We will try our best to help you protect your normal kidney function, and repair your damaged kidneys. If you take the treatments, follow the instruction of our doctors and keep on strict diet, there is high possibility that your kidneys can be repaired to 30%, the stage 3, in this stage you will have no symptoms, such as back pain, high blood pressure, and can enjoy a normal life like others.

The treatment we suggest for you is the joint application of Stem Cell Transplant and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is much better than the pure Stem Cell Transplant.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has following functions:

1) Through promoting the permeability of cyst wall, cyst liquid will be reabsorbed into blood vessels, then will be discharged out of body along urine , so cysts will shrink gradually. And it also can restrain the secretion of cyst wall epithelial cell, so prevent cysts from growing again.

2) Through dilating the renal blood vessels, more nutrients in blood will be transferred into kidney lesions, so kidneys will get more nutrients.

3) Through degrading the extracellular matrix, the internal environment of ischemia and hypoxia in the kidneys will be improved, and the perfusion flow of the blood to the kidneys will be increased, so the filtered ability of the kidneys will be improved.

Stem Cells can differentiate into new renal cells, to replace the necrotic cells, repair the damaged kidneys, so kidney function will be improved gradually.

After the treatment of Stem Cell Transplant and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you will feel much better, and you will see the improvement even during treatments in our hospital.

Many PKD patients have been treated through the joint application, including foreign patients, such as patients from India, Italy, Greece and so on. Now a Greek PKD patient is accepting treatment in our hospital, she is introduced here by her friend, Mr. Nikos. Mr. Nikos has returned home after treatments, and he was introduced here by his cousin, Mr. Stefano. Mr. Stefano is the first patient from Greece. We have treated many Renal Failure patients who had taken dialysis or only had less than 300 ml urine output every day. So pls don’t worry, let’s fight together to get the best treatment results.


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